ShadowEngine 003 (2014)

The ShadowEngine is a shadow theatre simulator and enables co-creative acts of performance animation. Performers control the movement of animated objects via touch surfaces, gestures, hand or eye movements.

ShadowEngine003 is the latest iteration of a performance animation system I've been making as part of my DPhil study. The figures are scans from a Karagöz collection held by Institut Internationale de la Marionnette (IIM), Charleville- Mézières, France. The IIM kindly supported me in a research residency (2013-2014) investigating the use of digital technology in the performance and preservation of kinetic objects.

REDESIGN IN PROGRESS: TODO: Add specification of the ShadowEngine003 and a fuller blog post.

"The ShadowEngine is such a creative idea! We loved the original use of source material and the artistic direction of this piece. Shows a real creative flair and a talent for storytelling, particularly in the bringing to life of all the various references and inspirations. The show was very enjoyable!"

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web

Stephen Fry, Comedian, Actor, Activist

Will Gompertz, Arts Editor BBC

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